Katherine Lost 25 Pounds and Won $1,500!

Tell us about your life before you started the program. How did you feel about yourself and your body?
I had successfully lost weight with 21 Day Fix and felt stronger after completing both the fix and PiYo. I felt good but I didn’t feel like I had much muscle tone and I couldn’t do a pull-up to save my life. I mean, I wouldn’t be a very good apocalypse buddy if I can’t even pull myself up, right?! My lack of upper body strength has really limited me in life. After I had my son, I could hardly hold him. My shoulder wasn’t supposed to hold anything over 10 lbs and my son was born at 9 lbs 11oz!4 It was a really tough struggle for me. We wanted more children and I just couldn’t see my weak body making it through another pregnancy. I was so sad during and after pregnancy. I felt so helpless to my circumstances, like a victim. After that experience, I never wanted to feel that way about myself again. I felt tired and much older than I should have at that point in my life.


How has your life changed since completing your Beachbody program?
I can’t even begin to tell you. My entire life is completely different than it was prior to Beachbody. I know that sounds cheesy but this literally saved me! I was a wreck. I needed something to hold on to, I needed someone to tell me to get off my butt, get in gear, and lose the crap excuses for not doing what I needed to do to be happy and healthy! I am forever grateful and just want to pay all the good feelings forward. I am a registered nurse and I’ve never helped people be well. I helped sick people get better; helped them mask greater issues with medications or surgeries. Now I get to help people grow from the inside out. They blossom from sadness or worthlessness into life-loving people with their programs and personal development. My family life has changed. I feel gratitude rather than negativity. Everyone in my house is healthier and happier now! Thank you for helping me making this all possible.


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