Angela Natalini Lost lbs and 15.5″!

Angela is a busy mom of two young kids!

1. Was there anything that might have prevented you from starting the program?

Anything associated with a cost is scary because I don’t want to waste money if I don’t follow through with it.

2. What did you find as a result?

Knowing that there was a money back guarantee made it easier and also felt like it helped me to commit to actually trying it out.

3. What specific feature did you like most?

The meal plan was key for me and was very easy to use and helped me to understand how and when and what to eat throughout the day.

4. What are three benefits of this program and your coach?

I loved that the program was just enough of a challenge to keep me pushing on and was still easy enough to do at an entry level.

5. Would you recommend your coach? If so, why?

Absolutely! Lindsay has been so incredibly helpful, informative, genuine and inspiring! Her passion is over flowing and contagious!


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