Adam Marion Lost 5lbs and 2.8”!

  1. Was there anything that might have prevented you from starting the program?

The only thing that might have prevented me from starting this program is myself.  The main reason why I started this program is that I did not like how I felt. In the past I have purchased a few other Beachbody programs (Power 90, 10 Minute Trainer).  I came close to finishing Power 90 in 2005, but unfortunately life happen and I loss someone very close to me. Then I met my wife and we both started it together and again came close to finishing it.  Then a few years ago I purchased 10 minute Trainer.  Again I came close to finishing it, but again I could not.  Then at the beginning of this year I wanted to make a change and wanted to get fit and feel better.  I was ready to commit to feeling better.


  1. What did you find as a result?

I started to talk to Lindsay about getting the deluxe addition to 10 Minute Trainer.  Unfortunately the deluxe addition to the 10 minute trainer was not available anymore. Lindsay suggested a few other Beachbody programs, but I had a hard time figuring out what one I wanted.  In the mean time I joined the Facebook support group that Lindsay ran.  This group was very inspirational in me wanting to get fit again.  And knowing that I had a group of support helped a lot. Then came along 22 Minute Hard Corps.  I always wanted to do a boot camp style workout. So I took a chance and ordered it.


  1. What specific feature did you like most?

The specific feature that I liked about 22 Minute Hard Corps was that it was 22 minutes of where you worked out hard, and then you were done for the day.  The second feature that I liked the most is the support that I got from the Facebook group and from my Coach Lindsay Murphy.  If I did not have that support in addition to my wife I don’t think that I would have finished the program.


  1. What are three benefits of this program and your coach?

The benefits of this program is that it is short enough and hard enough that you will notice the results if you put the effort into it. After a while you get addicted to doing the workouts.  The results that I got from the program have made me feel so much better about myself and has increase my self-confidence.

The Benefits of having coach Lindsay involved in my journey is that she constantly cared on how I was doing throughout the program.  She made suggestions on how to get though the tough parts of the program.  These little things contributed to my success.  The Facebook group that Lindsay leads also played a big part of my success.


  1. Would you recommend your coach? If so, why?

I would recommend my coach in flash.  Lindsay has a passion to help people get healthy and fit. This a reflection of her dedication to getting healthy and fit.  To me that says a lot.


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