Your Portion Fix Cheat Sheet

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I am always trying to find ways to simplify things.  Let’s face it! We all need SIMPLE!  The portion fix system IS simple, but I have made a portion fix cheat sheet to make things even easier.

If you are not sure what portion fix category you should be in, check out this post about How to Calculate your 21 Day Fix Containers

Now that you know how many ‘colors’ you are supposed to eat each day, now is time to break down what each color is.


Print this out, or save it as favorites on your pinterest account.  Have it handy.

I have also included the sizes on the shopping list, so you have an idea what the container sizes are equal to.

Another simple way to think of this.


purple-grapes aka fruits

red-meat aka protein

yellow-bread aka carbs

blue-cheese, avocadoand the yummy stuff 😉

orange-seeds and nuts

tsp-oils also can be used for nut butters


We use these in my private support group and if you follow them, you will drop the eL Bee’s AKA lbs.


Not sure where to start, message me and I will help.  Just say ‘HI’ in the message and I will walk you through it.


Much love!



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