Kid Friendly Snacks

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Moms know we are almost always expected to put others before ourselves, especially when it comes to our kids. Like us, kids get “hangry”. If they are hungry and want something to eat, they want it now. Not when they get home from the commute to and from school, not after they finish their homework or chores. They need food stat.
I have given you easy portable snack ideas that any mom can throw in her purse and grab in a rush. But what about quick and easy snacks to have on hand for your kids? I have a list for you to bring next time you hit up your grocery store. I have kept in mind that kids tend to be picky, they want variety and are attracted to colour. 
1. Veggie sticks and hummus. I buy the individual packs of hummus that are ideal for quick snacks.
2. Cheese strings. 
3. Whole grain cerial, like cheerios. I pack mine in individual baggies that can be carried around, anywhere.
4. Vegetable or kale chips. They won’t even know they’re veggies!
5. Chopped fruit with cinnamon. 
6. Yogurt.
7. Homemade trail mix. Make it nut-free for school.
8. Peanut butter and celery. 
9. Pumpkin seeds.
10. Roasted chickpeas.
Keep your kids happy, healthy and satisfied!

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